Guide to Flowers

Westhill Flowers have created this guide to help you look after your flowers the best you can and make the most of your gift. Westhill Flowers always recommend taking these steps to ensure your flowers last as long as they should and remain in beautiful fresh condition. Westhill Flowers provide flowers food and a care guide with all of our flower bouquets and arrangements, adding the flower food to the water before putting your flowers in will mean that your flowers will last the optimum amount of time.

Florists Westhill Guide to Flowers

Firstly when you receive your flowers, remove the wrapping and any excess foliage from the flowers, foliage in the water can contaminate the flowers with a bacteria which causes them to perish prematurely. Westhill Flower recommend the next step is cutting your flowers, take of a couple of cm to give the flowers fresh stems for them to absorb the water from.  Westhill Flowers top tip to keep your flowers lasting long is to cut your stems on a diagonal angle, this gives the stem a larger surface area meaning it can absorb as much water as possible from the stem. Westhill Flowers sometimes provide arrangements that are already in vases and containers if this is the case you don’t need to worry about arranging your flowers as our team at Westhill Flowers have already taken care of that for you, all you have to do is change the water and cut the stems frequently. If your flowers from Westhill flowers are not in a vase, find a suitable, clean container for your flowers and fill it with lukewarm water and flower food, then you can add your flowers. In the past florists advised that you should smash your stems, however Westhill florists advise not to do this as it damages the water vessels of the flowers stems which means they cannot absorb water and will perish far quicker than usual. Flowers all last different lengths of time, some flowers will last longer than others, this is completely normal.

Westhill Flowers

Placing your flowers is key to their life span, do not place your flowers in direct sunlight or anywhere too hot, this will cause your flowers from Westhill Flowers to dehydrate and they will die meaning you won’t get as long out of them as you might have hoped for. Its best to keep your flowers in a cool place, indoors, and also avoid putting them close to ripening fruits, this would cause a harmful gas from the fruit which can be detrimental to the flowers health. To maintain your fresh flowers from Westhill Florists following these steps will help, they are key to ensuring the long life and your enjoyment of your flowers so every time you look at them you will be reminded of the reason and thought that has gone into the flowers sent to you.